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Wrinkle Relaxers

Brand Options: Dysport, Xeomin, Jeuveau, Botox;
And Coming Soon: “The 6 month Tox”

Typical dose ranges for the most commonly

Expert Injectors

Renew MediSpa injectors are highly trained and experienced- to give you the best possible treatment outcome. The same number of “units”, delivered in a different pattern, can produce a very different result. If you have had less than great experiences with “botox” injections in the past, consult with us and we will do our best to give you the results you are seeking.

Multiple brands available

All available brands contain a botulinumtoxin type A as their active ingredient. However, each brand has subtle differences in effect - the result of differences in the manufacturing process and product potency (amount of active toxin per vial of product). We will help you explore your options to determine which might be the best choice for you.

Why pay more?

Our unique “Tox Club” allows you to purchase many brands at just $9.99 per unit- No sale required! (See Membership Details for more information) learn more

Reducing the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Did you know that a typical botulinum toxin treatment session can be completed in less
than 15 minutes?

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JoAna Byam, RN performing a wrinkle relaxer

Getting botulinum toxin injections is a great way to smooth out some facial wrinkles, as well as an effective method to prevent certain types of wrinkles from forming or deepening in the first place. It can also be used to treat jaw clenching and even excessive underarm sweating! The key to success with these treatments is to understand what can and cannot be accomplished, and to have an experienced injector placing the wrinkle relaxer precisely where it needs to go to produce the desired effect. Variations in brand and in dose delivered will also significantly impact your experience of the result. So, it’s very important to go to an experienced injector and develop your best treatment plan over time based on your response to each treatment session.

Relaxing certain muscles of facial expression is one of the oldest aesthetic treatments available!

Millions of botulinum toxin injections are performed each year. This procedure ranks as the #1 noninvasive cosmetic procedure year after year, and it’s no surprise why!

Fast Acting

Treatment effect can begin as early as 48 hours though it can take up to 2 weeks for full effect with certain brands.

3 to 7 month Duration

Depending on the dose delivered, the brand selected and your individual metabolism, results can last for up to 7 months. Going lighter in dose may result in a shorter duration of effect. A “6 month” botulinum toxin (Daxybotulinumtoxin) is due to be released soon and may even exceed the 6 month mark for some clients.

Continued Improvement Over Time

With regular sessions, additional smoothing can be accomplished. Even deep lines between the brows can gradually disappear if you are consistent with your treatment sessions.

Watch our Video to Learn Everything You
Need to Know!

In this video, recorded in the Fall of 2021, Dr. Lisa Vuich discusses the differences between
the brands, what to expect, how to get the most out of your treatment, and more!





Allergan Botox


Oldest brand; tends to be highest in cost
Contains the highest amount of trace human albumin




Fast onset of action- begins working within 48 hrs for most; in our experience, results last longer than with some of the other brands

Minimal amount of trace human albumin


Brand name has been approved by the FDA but has not yet been made public.
(Revance Therapeutics)


Expected release by end of 2021?

6 month duration for most; studied for 6 years

No human albumin




Does not need to be refrigerated prior to reconstitution

No stabilizing proteins (No trace human albumin)




Approved in 2019

Developed only for aesthetics; may be lower in cost than competitors

Does contain trace amounts of human albumin

Can I book a “botox” appointment without a consultation first?

Yes, if you have had botulinum toxin in the past and/or already know that is what you want done, feel free to contact us to book the appointment directly. However, we encourage you to consider a consultation afterward to learn more about the other procedures we offer at Renew! You do not need to know in advance how many units you will do, or which brand you will select. Those decisions can be made during the appointment.

How do I book a consultation?

Call us at 603-894-0070 to set up your free “Limited Consultation”, if you simply want to discuss wrinkle relaxers/”botox”, or a full “Head to Toe Consultation” if you have other goals you would like to discuss at the same time.

What should I expect from my

One of our experiences nurses or medical assistants will review your history and take photographs of your specific areas of concern.

They will review some of the common treatment approaches in more depth, and/or answer questions about specific procedures you feel are most of interest to you, including treatment pricing. They will then present the photos and consult information to Dr. Vuich for her input and recommendations. Within a few days you will receive a return call letting you know Dr. Vuich’s input/recommendations.

How do I know which procedure will be best for me?

We will help you select the best start based on our many years of experience with all of these treatment modalities.

In some instances a combination of treatment types may be suggested.

Before & After Photos

Dysport before and after, glabellar lin4es
(between the brows)

Take the guesswork out of your botulinum toxin

Knowledge is power! We love when our guests are well informed, and we do our best to guide you through this process! Many of the
most frequently asked questions about botulinum toxins are addressed in our informational video (link above). And, if you find it useful,
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Botulinum Toxin Disclaimer: Individual results will vary by person and are based upon multiple variables including your unique
metabolism rate for botulinum toxins, the strength of your muscle fibers in the treatment zone, the severity of the lines being addressed, the
doses selected, the brand utilized, and how consistent you are with your appointments. No one can guarantee an exact outcome for any
aesthetic procedure. Please consider watching the informational video (link provided above) to have a better understanding of typical

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