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Thread Lifting:
Lower Face and Neck

Thread lifting is a procedure which refers to the nonsurgical repositioning of skin and soft tissue of the face and neck with dissolving barbed threads (usually PDO/polydioxanone).

The Expert is In

Dr. Vuich has been performing thread lifts since 2016. She is an internationally recognized instructor, teaching physicians how to perform these advanced rejuvenating procedures.

Custom Designed

Each thread lift at Renew is uniquely tailored to your specific needs and goals, and can be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as dermal filler, platelet rich plasma injection, skin tightening or resurfacing and botulinum toxin treatments.

Long Lasting

The type and number of threads used has a significant effect on results and result duration. Consult with us to see if threads can be of benefit to you!

Kelly Multi Procedure

See MINT PDO thread lifting performed at Renew MediSpa by watching the video below:

MINT PDO Thread Lifting at Renew MediSpa

Watch Dr. Vuich perform a thread lift!

“My face is falling!”

Threads are strong collagen stimulators with the added advantage of some “instant
gratification” lift of sagging skin of the lower face and neck, as well as other areas.

If you are not yet ready to go “under the knife”, thread lifting offers an intermediate solution to improve facial contours without surgery or scar tissue. As the threads slowly dissolve, they leave just collagen in their place. Many plastic surgeons recommend thread lifting to patients whose laxity does not yet warrant a surgical procedure, or to those who have previously had a face lift and are years later looking for something to address loose skin again without repeating surgery.

Thread Lifting is a highly customized procedure. From the choice of thread types/brands, to the patterns in which they are placed, and the number of threads used for a given region- it is all up to the thread lift provider and can vary considerably from one to another.

Before & After Photos

Before and After Lower Face Thread Lift (no dermal filler or botulinum toxin was used)

Thread lifting also works very well in combination with other procedures such as dermal filler, botulinum toxin/”botox”, laser resurfacing
and skin tightening procedures such as Profound RF, Ultherapy or Precision TX.

Client Testimonial Video

Thread Lifting is a decades old procedure, but only became popular in the United States beginning around 2015.

Adding thread lifting to your aesthetic procedures helps us to keep things “looking natural”.

When someone tries to lift “too much with volume/i.e. dermal filler” the resultant shapes can easily start to look weird and out of proportion to the other facial features. No doubt you have seen someone with what Dr. Lisa calls “alien cheeks”- overstuffed with volume.

By placing just enough dermal filler to correct existing volume loss, and THEN moving on to other types of procedures such as skin tightening and/or thread lifting, we can continue to improve on your lift while maintaining natural looking proportions. In some instances we do go straight to the threads- for example, if you have sufficient volume but it has just “fallen”, we may recommend this approach. Your journey begins with a consultation and photographs so that we can assess the amount and type of age-related changes and design the treatment plan that will best address your needs and goals.


No scalpel required! Threads are placed through small needle pokes not much larger than those used to start an IV. These are called “pilot holes”, and they heal quickly and neatly with no sutures required.

Minimal Downtime

Although a period of “no vigorous exercise” may be recommended, there is otherwise minimal downtime with thread lifting. In most cases bruises (if they occur) are minor and swelling resolves over the course of a couple of days.

Fast Acting

A successful thread lift will yield some very satisfactory and immediate correction, as well as ongoing improvement over the course of 3 months as you will develop a collagen response around the thread material.

Watch our Video to Learn Everything
You Need to Know!

Dr. Lisa Vuich explains some of the basics of Thread Lifting and answers Frequently Asked Questions like which threads match which
needs, How to prepare, how to choose a thread lift provider

Thread Lift Post Procedure Patient Information

Thread Lifting is an advanced aesthetic procedure, capable of repositioning soft tissue in a way generally not achievable otherwise
without surgery. It is, however, a procedure with some anticipated "downtime"- more in general than that which is experienced with other
common injectables such as dermal filler.





Immediate Post


Unavoidable swelling is present due to the anesthetic injected, any bruising that may have developed, and the soft tissue trauma from the thread placement, of course, as the cannula passes through the tissues.

It is important at this time not to "over analyze" what is going on.

BE PATIENT! It is not possible during this phase to appreciate or necessarily predict the true result of your procedure.

This is a time to focus on healing, relief of discomfort, keeping the facial tissues rested, and complying with post procedure restrictions so that you have the best possible result. The amount of swelling will vary according to the number and type of threads used, the region treated, the presence or absence of bruising, and other factors.

If a dressing has been placed, such as Duoderm, leave it in place if possible for 72 hrs. Duoderm will stay on even when you wash or shower, as long as you don't rub it or intentionally peel it off. It helps keep the tissues well positioned while the sutures integrate with your soft tissue.

You were not perfectly symmetrical before the procedure, and threads do not make you perfectly symmetrical. The goal is to improve the position of your skin/volume.


Try sleeping on your back in the first few days if you can. Stomach sleeping is discouraged.

Optional Icing for the first day, and then as needed afterward. Just be cautious not to “press downwards” against the direction of the lift.

It is also helpful to sleep with your head elevated for a period of time post procedure to reduce swelling. You can use multiple pillows or put a wedge between your mattress and box spring, for example, to elevate the head of the bed.

For discomfort, begin with Acetaminophen (“Tylenol”). After 24 hrs you can use ibuprofen as well as needed.

Most people do not need any medication for discomfort.


3 Days to

3 Weeks


Redness / Bruising / Residual swelling – all gradually diminishes

Dimples and Skin Gathering/Ripples- these are not unexpected again depending on the type of thread and placement of the thread. They are most often resolved in the first few days to a week.

A rippled look to the skin is especially seen with procedures done on the neck. It will resolve as the threads fully “integrate” with the fatty layer they have been placed in.


The procedure does involve some degree of tissue trauma. Redness and bruising are common but should resolve gradually over time.

When to call:

-Redness which is worsening rather than improving; Swelling which is worsening after the first 24 to 36 hrs, rather than improving.



"Twinges", "Zingers", "Jabs"- these are terms commonly used to describe brief, unexpected minor discomfort that may occur with facial movement or manipulation during the time that the threads are still integrating with the soft tissue. Imagine that the facial tissue can shift very minimally from one barb to another as things are "settling in". This is to be expected and will diminish week to week. By 3 weeks it becomes rare or may be gone entirely.



-pressing on the regions

-sudden or marked facial movements

-Exercise that would involve excessive facial movement should be avoided for 3 weeks- ex: Running, Jogging, Cross Fit type exercises, exercise involving inversion (head upside down such as Yoga, Pilates), heavy lifting that would induce facial grimacing, team sports.

Exercise that does not involve these movements/extremes is acceptable.



It is common for the Lift to look better over the course of 3 months, which is a good time for a follow up visit and progress photos.


If a dimple is persisting beyond a week- feel free to call us to consult with you, but rest assured they do resolve and rarely require any further manipulation. Likewise, if you are able to feel or see the tip of a thread under the skin with certain movements or in certain lighting, we are able to treat this with some radiofrequency energy to get the end to soften more quickly but ultimately it does that on its own anyway.


3 to 12 Months


In the future, you may wish to have "Booster" treatments- additional threads placed to further enhance or prolong your result.

Although the threads placed do dissolve over time, you do build a significant amount of collagen in the region which outlives the threads by months to years. Those who do threads repeatedly over time will likely notice that they go longer and longer in between these Booster sessions. It is not uncommon to go 1.5 to 2 years in between sessions once a patient has done threads regularly for a time. Of course this will vary according to your age, genetics, lifestyle, and the number and thickness and type


Consult with us along the way and we will guide you to make the best decision based on your goals and areas of concern.

Think of thread lifting like you do dermal filler in that you will touch it up over time, though not as often.

Can I book a thread lift appointment without a consultation first?

Generally no, unless you have had the procedure performed before at Renew MediSpa. A consultation is used to review your history with aesthetic procedures, understand your goals, and form a plan that fits your needs and expectations. It enables us to plan the amount of time needed for your thread lift, and to give you an expected procedure cost. In some instances, we can complete the process by phone or by zoom meeting along with submission of some photos, if you are travelling a significant distance for example.

How do I book a consultation?

Call us at (603) 931 4345 to set up your free “Limited Consultation”, if you simply want to discuss thread lifting, or a full “Head to Toe Consultation” if you have other goals you would like to discuss at the same time.

What should I expect from my consultation?

One of our experiences nurses or medical assistants will review your history and take photographs of your face which will be stored for MD review and for future reference.

They will review some of the common treatment approaches in more depth, and/or answer questions about specific procedures you feel are most of interest to you, including treatment pricing. They will then present the photos and consult information to Dr. Vuich for her input and recommendations. Within a week you will receive a return call letting you know Dr. Vuich’s recommendations.

How do I know which procedure will be best for me?

We will help you select the best start based on our many years of experience with all of these treatment modalities.

In some instances, a combination of treatment types may be suggested.


The prices listed here are ESTIMATES only. Each thread lifting case at Renew is unique and customized to the needs and goals of the client, and their
budget. Some clients choose to do multiple areas at the same time, others do section by section, which breaks up the cost over time.

For 12 months Interest Free Financing we suggest you visit www.advancecarecard.com- applying online their site will direct you to a major
lender site (such as Discover or Capitol One)- follow the prompts to apply, it will be the Advance Care Card program that you
will be under. Once you receive your card in the mail you can use it for any purchases at Renew.

All thread lifting cases require a $900 deposit to book, which is nonrefundable and applies to the cost of your procedure..

A No Show for a Thread Lift appointment is defined as cancelled less than 48 hours in advance, which will lead to forfeit of deposit
unless there has been a documented medical emergency.

The Idun Lift combines threads/sutures (MINT PDO, and possibly Silhouette InstaLift) with Platelet Rich Plasma, PDO smoothing threads (20), and one
other injectable of choice (PICK ONE: Either a syringe of dermal filler OR a vial of Sculptra OR Dysport botulinum toxin)- the selection of which other
injectable to include is made by the client in conjunction with the MD/NP performing the procedure. The injectable may be perform at the same time
as the lift OR at a follow up appointment, depending on what makes sense for that particular client's procedure.



Approx. Price




Cheeks Only

Approx. Price



Thread Lift- Cheeks



Cheeks and Jowls

Approx. Price

$2500 -


Thread Lift- Cheeks and Jowls


Number and type of threads
used will dictate final price


Cheeks, Jowls and
Upper Neck

Approx. Price

$3600 -


Thread Lift- Cheeks, Jowls, upper neck


Number and type of threads
used will dictate final price


Idun Lift

Approx. Price

$3800 -


  • Thread Lift Cheeks, Jowls, Upper Neck
  • Platelet Rich Plasma to be injected wherever needed (Emcyte 30 ml PRP kit)
  • PICK ONE: A syringe of dermal filler OR A vial of Sculptra OR Dysport botulinum toxin


Adding Brow lift, or doing a more advanced/extensive Neck Lift, brings price to the $4200 range

Prices are subject to change at any time; please confirm pricing prior to your procedure. As with all aesthetic procedures, we cannot guarantee a
specific result or duration of effect for any one client. We do before photos and progress pictures to document you results, and we utilize the
absolute best threads/sutures on the market. As thread lift procedure instructors, we
are confident that we are at the cutting edge of this art and we love what we do.

We cannot stop the aging process. The Thread Lift is expected to require "Touch Up" or "Booster" appointments over time. The more you do
Threads, in general, the stronger the result and the longer you will start to go between such booster treatments.

In preparation for your procedure you should:
Avoid Aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, Naprosyn and other nonsteroidal medications including prednisone. Avoid Vitamin E and Fish Oil as they may also increase your risk of bruising, Expect several days of swelling, possible bruising, and 2 weeks of avoidance of heavy exercise.

Follow up appointments are made at 3 weeks, 3 months and 6 months to re-do photos, assess results, and answer any questions regarding future treatment planning. Threads/sutures dissolve slowly over time, but the lift they provide lasts longer than the life of the thread due to the collagen production they elicit in the tissues where they are placed. Be sure to review the Post-Procedure Instruction Sheet for precautions/restrictions and expectations for healing.

We look forward to helping you benefit from the advanced science and artistry that make this procedure so exciting to master and deliver to you! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, and don't forget to watch our procedure videos if you want to learn more. Lisa Vuich, MD

Thread Lifting

Knowledge is power! We love when our guests are well informed, and we do our best to guide you through this process! Many of the most frequently asked questions about thread lifting are addressed in our informational video (link above). And, if you find it useful, please consider giving it a “Like” and subscribing to our YouTube channel to be notified each time new videos are added.

Thread Lifting Disclaimer: Individual results will vary by person and are based upon multiple variables including but not limited to the
number and type of threads chosen, the degree of tissue aging and skin laxity, your unique rate of response to collagen stimulation from
threads or sutures, and your compliance with any aftercare recommendations. As with all aesthetic procedures, thread lifting does require
future repeat procedures to further enhance and maintain the results. Thread lifting is not necessarily a “replacement” for other
procedures, such as dermal filler. No one can guarantee an exact outcome for any aesthetic procedure. Review your consent form and be
sure any questions you may have about downtime or potential complications have been answered fully. Please consider watching the
informational video (link provided above) to have a better understanding of typical experiences.

The content of this website is intended to be general information- it should not be used to diagnose or treat a medical condition and is in
no way meant to be a substitute for seeking appropriate medical care.