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Keralase for Damaged or Thinning Hair

A Breakthrough Treatment for Hair and Scalp Health


Easy 20 minute Treatment Sessions


State of the Art Growth Factors Delivered to the Follicles

Pain Free

Non-Invasive and Comfortable

The Painless Path to Thicker, Healthier Hair

  • 63 million men and 43 million women in the United States are affected by Hair Loss, which can start as early as a
    person’s teens and risk increases with age
  • Men with thinning hair: 66% by age 35, 85% by age 50
  • Women make up 40% of the hair loss sufferers in the US

Prescription orals and topicals (Ex: Finasteride/Propecia, Minoxidil/Rogaine) have some benefit, but can have significant side effects.
Many who use them are still in need of further treatments to enhance their hair growth. Platelet Rich Plasma treatments (your own growth
factors, derived from a blood draw and injected into the scalp) are effective for some, but are expensive to perform and are painful.

How does this service
benefit me:


In a 15 minute, painless Keralase procedure, a combination of 5 biomimetic human growth factors and 2 skin proteins known to promote Scalp Revitalization​- up to 1000x the GF concentration of PRP- are delivered to your scalp without any needles or numbing required.


A combination of 5 biomimetic human growth factors and 2 skin proteins known to promote Scalp Revitalization​-up to 1000x the Growth Factor concentration of PRP- are delivered to your scalp. This formula was derived through years of research studying scalp growth factor deficiencies during hair loss and poor scalp health.


Contains ZERO Minoxidil, finasteride or other prescriptive hormones or medications.

Keralase FAQ’s

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  • Men or women with thinning hair, so called ‘Androgenic Alopecia”, who notice hair thinning, hair shedding, and/or receding hairlines. 
  • Those with damaged hair due to heat or overprocessingfor example, can benefit greatly from Keralase treatments. 
  • Keralase treatments have not been studies for patients with Scarring Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, or Lichen planopilaris (LPP) -an inflammatory condition that causes patchy hair loss and is thought to be an autoimmune disorder. 
  • Wash hair thoroughly and rinse well 
  • Hair must be completely dry and free of any hair products for the appointment (no sprays, gels, leave-in conditioners, etc…) 
  • Yes! Keralase can be used in conjunction with other treatment modalities, with prescription medications, and even in preparation for or after a hair transplant service. 

This laser-based service is performed by one or our RN’s at Renew MediSpa 

For most we recommend a series of 6 sessions, one approximately every 2 weeks. By the 3rd session the improvement in hair thickness and growth is becoming evident. After your initial series, you can do a booster session however often you feel is best to support your healthier hair. In general, a session every few months is advisable since we cannot change the genetic or hormonal triggers which led to the thinning hair.  

We recommend the use of Kerafactor Scalp solution, as well as either Kerafactor or Monat Shampoo and Conditioner. These products are available for purchase at Renew MediSpa.  

Before & After Photos

Why let thinning hair get in the way of your
confidence and natural beauty?

Keralase treatments are quick, painless and effective, and we have priced them to make them as accessible as possible to our wonderful clients at Renew MediSpa!

Our nursing staff are experts in the Keralase procedure, and we look forward to helping you restore your thinning or damaged hair!

PRICING (*Save up to 15% with our
Membership Program)

Keralase Session

$229 each

  • Every 2 weeks x 6 initially
  • Maintenance session as needed (ex: once every 3 to 6 months according to individual needs)

Kerafactor Scalp Solution for Home Use


Kerafactor Combination Shampoo/Conditioner


3.38 fl oz

Monat Hair Care - detox the scalp and strengthen existing hair shafts

Intense Repair Shampoo $38
Intense Repair Conditioner $47

8 oz
6 oz

Keralase Testimonial

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary by person and are based upon patient variables (such as genetics, age and lifestyle), the severity of
the condition before the procedure, the procedure(s) chosen, and compliance with any recommended aftercare program. No one can
guarantee an exact outcome for any aesthetic procedure.

The content of this website is intended to be general information- it should not be used to diagnose or treat a medical condition, and is in
no way meant to be a substitute for seeking appropriate medical care.