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Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Derry

Did you know that testosterone is an important hormone for women too?
women begin to experience a decrease in testosterone in their 20's.

At Renew MediSpa you can benefit from improved testosterone levels with the use of bio-identical
(plant-sourced) testosterone delivered in tiny pellet form into the fat of the upper buttock region just a few times per year.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone May Include:

  • Decreased sexual drive and performance
  • Decreased muscle mass and tone
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Fatigue and lack of motivation
  • Weight gain
  • Hot flashes
  • Depression, irritability and mood swings
  • Loss of sense of “well-being”
  • Migraines and Menstrual Headaches

How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Work?

Renew Medispa treats men and women who suffer with testosterone deficiencies using natural testosterone replacement therapy.
We use a testosterone pellet that is bio-identical (plant/botanical sourced- not animal sourced and not synthetic).
The pellets are obtained from our compounding pharmacy and deliver a slow, steady release of natural hormone
without disrupting normal physiology, unlike synthetic hormones.
There are many potential benefits including:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved Mood and Sleep
  • Relief of Hot Flashes
  • Improved Memory and Concentration
  • Better muscle responsiveness to exercise
  • Increase sex drive
  • Improved vaginal lubrication

Studies suggest testosterone pellet treatments may reduce the risk of breast cancer as well. Conditions of estrogen dominance including breast cancer, uterine fibroids, obesity, and fibromyalgia, have been shown to be improved by testosterone pellets because they help patients achieve hormonal balance.

What are Pellets?

Testosterone pellets are implants that are fused and shaped into small solid cylinders.
Smaller than a tic-tac, most pellets are made by compounding pharmacists and delivered in sterile glass vials.

Testosterone pellets happen to be some of the safest and most convenient ways to deliver natural hormone therapy. It’s also quickly becoming one of the most reliable ways to treat low testosterone levels, which can have drastic consequences for men and women’s mental and physical health.

When natural testosterone therapy is administering using testosterone pellets, the treatment delivers consistent levels of testosterone over the course of several months. Most women will have the procedure repeated every 3 to 4 months, whereas men may be able to go 4 to 5 months.

The Process for Natural Testosterone Therapy:

Your initial consultation with Renew MediSpa will consist of a review of your symptoms, desired outcome, and health history.

There is a $75 fee associated with your consultation that may later be applied toward your procedure.

Lab work will be ordered and applied to your medical insurance.

Dr. Vuich will review your lab work and history to determine if you are a candidate, and/or confirm your dose. 

We will schedule an appointment for your testosterone pellet insertion. On the day of your appointment, local anesthetic will be administered to the treatment area.

Your testosterone pellet will then be inserted through a tiny 3mm incision in the upper buttock region. We will then apply a bandage over the incision.

The procedure is incredibly brief, and it will feel relatively painless.

Within two weeks you should begin to notice symptom improvement.  

Note: We are not able to bill your insurance. Upon request, we are happy to provide documentation of your procedure if you wish to pursue possible reimbursement through programs like a Flex Spending account or Health Savings account.

Learn more

If you’re interested in learning more about Natural Testosterone Replacement, call us today to schedule your appointment.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary by person and are based upon patient variables (such as genetics, age and lifestyle), the severity of the
condition before the procedure, the procedure(s) chosen, and compliance with any recommended aftercare program. No one can guarantee an
exact outcome for any aesthetic procedure.

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