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SOFWAVE IS A new non-invasive treatment with zero downtime. Sofwave’s microfocused ultrasound technology stimulates collagen and elastin so powerfully that most need only a single 45 minute session to lift the brow, tighten the jawline and neck and more.

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Sofwave delivers energy into the deep dermis, without disrupting the skin surface


Clinically significant improvement with even a single treatment session


No significant adverse events have been noted with this best in class ultrasound tchnologye

Where does it come from?

Released first in Israel in 2017 and subsequently in the USA in 2019, Sofwave enables us to stimulate the production of a remarkable amount of collagen and elastin without creating significant downtime. This sets it apart from many of the other resurfacing procedures we offer in the medispa.

In order to smooth and tighten the skin, it is necessary to replace collagen and elastin that were lost over time due to age and sun damage related changes that have occurred. Regardles of the type of device used to achieve this, a microinjury must be created which our repair cells then respond to by creating the new collagen and elastin. Devices differ in how they create this necessary microinjury, and in most cases the injury produced will result in downtime- meaning that there will be significant redness, swelling, sometimes bruising and even skin shedding for some. Sofwave's novel use of ultrasound energy delivery, with the delivery of parallel beams of energy below the skin surface in combination with contact cooling, is the ideal answer to this dilemma. Finally we can achieve the intra-dermal temperatures needed to create results without having to advise our clients that they need a week or more away from social engagements!

FDA Cleared & Multiple Indications:

- Reduction of Fine Lines and Wrinkle
- Lifting the Eyebrow
- Tightening "Heavy Lids" (Skin under brow)
- Lifting Loose Skin of the Lower Face, Jawline and Neck
- Improvement in the Appearance of Acne Scars
- Smoothing Skin Elsewhere on the Body is also possible
- Improvement in the Appearance of Cellulite (through skin smoothing)


There is no special preparation required for Sofwave. Simply arrive with clean skin in the treatment zone. A topical numbing cream will be applied and left in place for about an hour. In certain areas, optional additional lidocaine may be injected for extra comfort.


There are two ultrasound handpieces which can be utilized as needed: The standard handpiece for larger treatment areas, and the smaller 'Precise" handpiece for areas such as around the eyes and above the upper lip. Each pulse will last for 5 seconds, with some heat being felt at seconds 4 and 5. Contact cooling and a cold air chiller are also used to further enhance your comfort.


No special post care is required! We recommend the use of medical grade skin care to extend the life of your results. You will see the response develop gradually over time, and we will repeat photo images at the 3 month point to check on your progress!

We've Got You Covered!

Yes, Sofwave can be performed on all skin types, including dark skin and skin prone to hyperpigmentation. It can also be performed on skin that is tan and/or sun exposed. We would not treat over an active sunburn, until the skin had had time to recover from that injury.

Although there is no mechanism by which the ultrasound energy would be able to affect a fetus, we usually do not treat pregnant women because they were not included in the population of patients treated in the clinical studies.

Yes, but we still recommend the use of sunscreen of course. Remember, the skin is not intact but you are technically “healing on the inside”, so we would caution you against getting a sunburn as this would stress your skin further.

Yes, it is safe to apply makeup soon after the treatment session. Initially there will be some residual ultrasound gel on the skin post treatment so you would need to clear this off with soap and water before your application.

Absolutely! We cannot treat over facial hair though, so you would need to be closely shaved in the planned treatment zone.

Yes, there are no exercise or other activity precautions post treatment.

As soon as the treatment begins, the body begins to respond! It generally takes a few weeks of collagen production before changes begin to be evident to “the naked eye”. Therefter, week to week, further improvement can be seen for even up to 6 months!

With any collagen stimulating procedure, the answer to how long the collagen lasts depends on your genetics, your lifestyle choices (use of sunscreen, use of skin care products, cigarette smoking, stress, etc…) so no one answer can be given. The fact is we have not stopped the aging process. Therefore, at some point if you did nothing else over the course of several years you would likely see the retun of fine lines and loose skin. 

A second session can be done as soon as six weeks later, though as previously mentioned you would not have seen all of the results of the first session at that point. Once you have the desired results you were hoping to achieve, plan on doing a maintenance session at some point down the road. If you are over age 50 this may be within 2 years. If you are younger, you may be able to wait significantly longer. We are happy to advise you individually on a maintenance plan that keeps you looking refreshed and naturally radiant!

We would suggest that you wait until your “botox” has taken full effect, then proceed with Sofwave.

Not if the area to receive the “Botox” is also going to be treated with Sofwave. We do not want to heat skin that will be injected with “botox” as it may inactivate the medication. We also do not want to place “botox” into heated skin, for the same reason (potential loss of potency of the injectable).

In many instances, the dermal filler is depper than the depth of the Sofwave energy delivery (which is 1.5 mm). It is possible that superficial filler might be dissolved by the Sofwave energy. However, new collagen would be building in the same area over time to replace the dermal filler. We are happy to review with you your goals and make a recommendation based on your specific situation and recent treatments history.

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Disclaimer: Individual results will vary by person and are based upon patient variables (such as genetics, age and lifestyle), the severity of the condition before the procedure, the procedure(s) chosen, and compliance with any recommended aftercare program. No one can guarantee an exact outcome for any aesthetic procedure. The human body is not perfectly symmetric, and we cannot achieve perfect symmetry with any procedures. We also cannot control exactly your healing process. Should there be any areas you wish to have further treated, this is not included in your initial procedure fees.

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