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Non Surgical Nose Job

Achieve a straighter, thinner looking nasal profile without going under the knife!

In This Video watch Dr. Lisa Vuich
perform a MINT PDO Thread Lift
of the Nose from start to finish


Instant gratification plus ongoing improvement
over time with this unique remodeling and
collagen stimulating procedure


No risk of blood flow disruption makes this the
safer alternative compared to dermal filler


PDO nasal threads dissolve over time, leaving
new collagen in their place for long lasting

Nasal Contours Redefined

A simple 20 minute PDO thread procedure can get you closer to the nasal profile
you desire

We get it. Not everyone understands. Sometimes it may seem like your nose enters the room before you do, or is the focus of attention
when you look in the mirror. PDO nasal threads are not a surgical option, nor do they produce a surgical result. However, we find that
many clients are not seeking or even needing a surgical correction. PDO nasal threads are specially designed to produce a lifting effect
for both the nasal bridge and the tip of the nose if that is needed as well. The result is a nose which appears more narrow, more
streamlined, and straighter. Over time, the PDO threads will dissolve, leaving just new collagen in their wake.

When you aren’t ready
for a surgical “Nose Job”


The PDO thread Non-Surgical Nose Job achieves results with much less financial investment than sis required for surgery

Minimal Downtime

Our clients find the downtime with this procedure to be quite easy! Minor swelling and possible light bruising are the norm here. No bandages, no pain medications required!

Confidence building

It’s not always the “big things”. Sometimes the small things can have a big impact. What we love about the Non-Surgical Nose Job is the confidence it gives our clients who were previously feeling so self-conscious about the appearance of their nose. If the appearance of your nose is taking up too much of your attention, talk to us about whether you are a candidate for the Non-Surgical Nose Job!

In 2021, Dr. Lisa Vuich was honored to be asked to present internationally at the Global Virtual Aesthetic Conference. Watch this video to
see her presentation on the Non-Surgical Nose Job, and to see her perform the procedure!

Planning your Non-Surgical Nose Job

Let our experts guide you in preparing for this collagen building procedure!

How do I book a consultation?

Call us at 603-894-0070 to set up your free “Limited Consultation”, if you simply want to discuss your nasal cntour concerns, or a full “Head to Toe Consultation” if you have other issues you would like to discuss at the same time.

What should I expect from my

One of our experiences nurses or medical assistants will review your history and take photographs.

They will review the specifics of the procedure, including treatment pricing. They will then present the photos and consult information to Dr. Vuich for her input and recommendations. Within a few days you will receive a return call letting you know Dr. Vuich’s suggested approach.

The Non-Surgical Nose Job is approximately a $975 procedure.

Who cannot have a Non Surgical Nose Job performed?

In general, procedures are not performed on pregnant women or on patients with a history of keloid scars.

A history of rhinoplasty in the past (especially if it involved more than one surgery) may result in us declining to perform this procedure. Surgery in this region tends to have a significant impact on blood flow/blood vessels. Although PDO threads are exceedingly safe, we worry that any added pressure in the region could further press on the limited blood vessels post-surgery.

Realistic expectations are important! If your nasal bridge deformity is too advanced, we will be honest with you and suggest that you consult with a surgeon prior to making a decision about PDO nasal threads.

Is there any pre-treatment preparation needed?

Avoid substances which increase the likelihood of bruising, such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen and similar anti-inflammatories, Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, Ginseng and Ginko Biloba, Vitamin E and Fish Oil. You should not have a social event within 2 weeks (in case you may bruise).

Before & After Photos

If your nasal profile is bothersome to you, Dr. Vuich at Renew MediSpa is a PDO thread expert and performs the Non-Surgical Nose Job
routinely! Consult with us to determine the best course of action and start enjoying your now look within weeks!

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary by person and are based upon patient variables (such as genetics, age and lifestyle), the severity
of the condition before the procedure, the procedure(s) chosen, and compliance with any recommended aftercare program. No one can
guarantee an exact outcome for any aesthetic procedure.

The content of this website is intended to be general information- it should not be used to diagnose or treat a medical condition, and is in
no way meant to be a substitute for seeking appropriate medical care.