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Meet the team

Meet the Team Members

Renew Medispa has been honored with the distinction of Best Spa Award, HIPPO
Magazine 2015 - 2022. Since 2018 Renew Medispa has received the top honor- Best of
the Best Spas in New Hampshire!

Victor Pena Duval, RN

Nurse Injector

Director – Men’s Services | Laser Service Specialist

Featured services: RF Microneedling (Lutronic Genius, Total Skin, AGNES), Ultherapy Specialist, Laser Services (SmartSkin CO2 laser skin resurfacing, Hollywood Spectra Laser, Derma V Laser, Venus Bliss Fat Destruction and Lase MD (Keralase for thinning hair and Face Glow)). Botulinum toxin and Dermal fillers. All Men's Sexual Wellness Services including consultations.

Victor joined Renew in 2019. He is originally from the Dominican Republic, where he attended the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo, earning a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. After practicing medicine in the Dominican Republic, he moved to the United States and obtained his RN and is now working towards a Family Nurse Practitioner degree which he will complete in 2024.

Victor performs the male sexual wellness procedures here at Renew. He is also often found performing regenerative procedures with platelet rich plasma, IV infusions for clients, and executing Laser and other MediSpa services such as botulinum toxin and dermal filler injection for which he was mentored under Dr. Vuich.

Victor is bilingual and available for our Spanish speaking guests. His weekday schedule currently rotates to accommodate the clinicals rotations for his NP degree. He is available Tuesday to Friday and every other Saturday as well.

Beth Wagner, RN

Nurse Injector, Injector Trainer

Featured Services:Dermal Filler, Sculptra, Botulinum Toxin
Women’s Wellness Service- Vaginal Rejuvenation with ThermiVa and Viveve, O-Shot, Femiwave
Ultherapy, RF Microneedling-Profound RF and Lutronic Genius, Total Skin and Skin Tightening- Face and Body, Cellfina for cellulite

Beth is a Clinical Educator who has traveled all over the United States teaching Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Nurses how to inject Dermal Fillers and Neurotoxins (“botox”). She has served as a Clinical Educator/Trainer for Ultherapy and Cellfina in the past. She has over 16 years of experience with advanced injecting skills and 30 years of operating room experience.

Beth worked full-time at Renew from 2015 to 2022. She is now semi-retired but continues to see clients at Renew twice a month.

Julianne Riley, RN, BSN

Featured Services: Botulinum Toxin, SmartSkin CO2 laser skin resurfacing, Hollywood Laser Peels, Microneedling/Vampire Facials, Radiofrequency Microneedling, Emsculpt, TriWave MD, Venus Bliss Skin Tightening, Shockwave therapy for cellulite, FemiWave and ThermiVa for Women's Sexual Wellness, Laser Hair Removal, Keralase for Thinning Hair, and Semaglutide Weight Management.

Julie joined Renew in 2023 after previously working in a combined Dermatology/Aesthetics practice in Lebanon, New Hampshire. She has been in the nursing field since 2014, first as an LNA, then LPN, then earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Southern New Hampshire University in 2021. She is working part time at Renew while simultaneously pursuing her Nurse Practitoners license. She has a true passion for the Aesthetic and Regenerative field and is looking forward to further expanding her procedure skills in the coming months.

Julie is available on Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays.

Cristina Homem, RN, BSN

Featured Services: Botulinum Toxin , DermaV laser for nail fungus, Laser Hair Removal, Microneedling/Vampire facials, Emsculpt, TriWave MD, Hollywood Laser Peels

Cristina earned her Associate degree in Nursing from North Shore Community College in 2016, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Southern New Hampshire University in 2019. In addition to working at Renew, she works in the OR per diem for Plastic Surgery.

Cristina has certifications in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler injection. She joined Renew in 2022.

Cristina is available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturday

Laura Everhart

Certified Medical Assistant | Consultation Specialist

Laura has been in the medical field for over 30 years and has worked alongside Dr. Vuich since 2008. Laura’s primary role at Renew MediSpa is as our Consultation Specialist- she helps our clients navigate our many different procedure offerings, reviewing their concerns to help them make the best choices to meet their needs. After developing a potential treatment plan, she reviews the information obtained at the time of consultation with Dr. Vuich for further input and approval.

Laura is available for consultations Monday through Thursday.

Felicia Melo

Master Esthetician | Team Leader- Estheticians | Assistant Spa Director | Body Contouring Treatments Coordinator

Felicia is a 1200-hour Master Esthetics graduate of Catherine Hinds Institute, where she finished at the top of her class. She specializes in treatments ranging from relaxing spa facials and the Hydrafacial MD Elite to medical grade peels and body contouring services including, TruSculpt iD, Venous Bliss and Emsculpt.

She has extensive knowledge of numerous skin care product lines and is the Team Leader of our Estheticians here at Renew, always keeping our facial protocols and retail products at the cutting edge of the industry.

Felicia is available Wednesday through Saturday.

Tracey Decker

Licensed Esthetician

Featured Services: Spa Facials including Hydrafacial MD Elite, Chemical Peels, Lash and Brow services, Waxing, Emsculpt

Tracey is a 2019 graduate of the Institute of Skin Science. She is also a graduate of the Northeastern Institute of Whole Health and practiced massage for many years while also working as a dispatcher for the Salem Police Department for 23 years. Although she no longer practices whole body massage techniques, she does incorporate some of her advanced body work skills into her services, making them a truly unique and relaxing experience.

Tracey is available on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Kaitlyn Ferretti

Licensed Esthetician

Featured Services: Spa Facials including Hydrafacial MD Elite, Chemical Peels, Lash and Brow services, Waxing

Kaitlyn joined Renew in 2020 - Kaitlyn is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Arielle Longhi-Goley

Procedure Technician for Dr. Vuich

Arielle has been in the service industry since the age of 16 and was also previously in the military. She joined Renew initially as a front desk assistant but quickly showed a passionate interest in procedures and later trained to be Dr. Vuich’s procedure technician.

She spends much of her time at Renew assisting Dr. Vuich, but also performs Emsculpt, TriWave MD, Venus Bliss Skin Tightening and SmartLipo consultations for our clients.

Arielle is available Monday through Friday.

Johanna Dean

Certified Medical Assistant | Medical Assistant Team Leader

Johanna has over 20 years of medical experience including Oncology, Neurology and OB/GYN.

She joined the Renew Medispa team in December 2019 and in addition to being the Medical Assistant Team Leader she is is most often involved with preparing clients for platelet rich plasma and Intimate Wellness procedures. She also performs Femiwave, Emsculpt, Venus Bliss, Weight Loss Management and Trusculpt iD .

Austin Smith

Front Desk Team Leader

Austin has been in the service industry since 2015. His passions are beauty, fashion, health, self care and kindness. He believes that each individual should embody the best version of themselves.
He assists our guests with booking appointments and esuring that they have the best possible experience here at Renew. His goal is for everyone to feel welcomed, accepted, and beautiful in their own way.
Behind the scenes Austin also helps manage our social media content, our client messaging channels and our lead management systems- all of the back of office processes that help us to deliver a unique and connected experience to our valued clients!

Lyz VanDelinder

Marketing Director

Lyz is a talented graphic artist, as well as an avid motorcycle rider and former racer who has recently relocated to southern New Hampshire. While you will find Lyz in our check in/ check out areas daily assisting clients, you can also find her at the helm of our social media channels and in-house media marketing. Additionally, Lyz has a passion for skin care specializing in sensitive skin types as she's personally struggled with reactive skin- especially out in the sun! When not behind the scenes at Renew, Lyz loves cruising to the mountains to snowboard or relaxing on the lake with her partner Matt and their feisty rescue dog, Charlie.

Teania Moore-Case

Medical Assistant

Teania has been in the medical field for 4 years. Prior to joining Renew she worked as a Certified Ophthalmic scribe and Procedure Technician in Oculoplastics. She loves the magic of making people look and feel better, and feels incredibly lucky to do that every day. Teania joined us in October of 2022 and works alongside Victor as his assistant.

Sophia Mortellaro

Master Esthetician

Sophia joined Renew MediSpa in April 2019 with a wealth of Medical Spa experience. She graduated from Catherine Hinds Institute in 2015. She performs salon facials, lash lifting and tinting, Dermaplaning, Chemical Peels, Skin Tightening, TruSculpt and Emsculpt procedures. Her bright smile, warm personality and infectious laugh are irresistible! She lives in Nashua with her Fiancee and their french bulldogs.

Danielle Ayotte

Certified Medical Assistant, Team Leader – Social Media

Danielle received her ABS in Medical Management and has been a certified Medical Assistant for 20 years. She has worked with Dr. Vuich since 2003 and assists with client preparation for multiple providers at Renew and spanning multiple types of procedures. She has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of our medispa and regenerative procedures and performs many of our Emsculpt treatments.

Additionally, Danielle is in charge of our social media presence, keeping the public as informed as possible about the goings on at Renew MediSpa.

Danielle lives in Pelham with her 3 beautiful boys and her fiance.

Magen Dow

Guest Relations

Magen has been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years. She holds a license in Esthetics and is a graduate from Joe Blasco Professional Makeup School.

She brings to Renew a passion for excellence in customer relations and the hospitality industry. She will most often be found assisting with check out and scheduling, as well as managing guests’ online requests.

In her free time Magen loves to travel and visit historical sites.

Ben Gazzara

Information Technology

You won’t see much of Ben at Renew, as he is usually trapped behind the mainframe computer or a video camera!

Ben is Dr. Vuich’s eldest son and is working at Renew temporarily while he waits for a position to open up in Air Traffic Control, having graduated from SNHU with a degree in that field.

He is our go-to person for technical issues with our software, hardware, and every other kind of information technology equipment from phones to printers. We won’t know what to do without Ben if he moves on, as he is our vital “Tech-Traffic Controller”!

Watch us grow!

If you are interested in joining the Renew Team, feel free to email your resume to lisa@renewmedispa.com and we will keep it on file!