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Laser Hair Removal

Removing unwanted body hair just got two times faster and more comfortable!

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Clients typically see 90% hair reduction in as few as five treatment sessions.


No numbing required! Efficient cryogen cooling makes this one of the most comfortable laser hair removal devices on the market.

Year Round

Laser hair removal with the Clarity II can even be performed on tan skin.

Shaving and Waxing are costly and inconvenient

Drop this chore from your maintenance routine and imagine how much more time you will have for other activities!

The cost to shave and/or wax unwanted hair from the body can be $1000 per year or more depending on how many areas you attend to. Electrolysis is effective but is uncomfortable and takes a tremendous number of sessions. It is primarily used on the face since larger body areas would simply take too long to clear. Laser hair removal, in contrast, produces very noticeable improvement with each session and is generally complete in anywhere from 5 to 8 sessions. Our Clarity II Laser has built in cryogen cooling which makes the procedure more comfortable, and the vast majority of areas can be treated without any topical numbing necessary.

Save Time and Money in the Long Run

Once a treatment course has been completed, the results last many years.

Fast Appointment Times = More Convenience

The Lutronic Clarity is twice as fast as most other laser hair removal devices, and without the need for topical numbing you save even more time! It’s rolling tip also ensures the ideal overlap between pulses, giving you a consistent and ideal treatment each time.

Treat Year Round

With the 1064 wavelength we can treat even tan skin safely and effectively

Suitable for All Skin Types and Even Fine Hair

Laser hair removal is effective for the long term removal of hair that is brown or black in color. Not all devices can treat darker skin types, but ours can! Our system is the highest powered 755/1064 laser on the market, which translates into more effective treatments even if the hair is resistant/fine in texture.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • Refrain from waxing/tweezing/plucking, sugaring, electrolysis for at least 2 to 4 weeks before treatment because hair follicles that do not have hair shafts attached to absorb the energy will not be effectively treated. You may shave the area as often as needed.
  • Shave or closely clip the area to be treated 4-24 hrs before treatment. This allows you to shape the exact area you want treated and eliminates excess hair on the surface which would absorb and effectively waste some of the energy delivered (reducing the amount that reaches the hair root where it is really needed).
  • Do not use self tanning products or have spray tans done for two weeks prior to your appointment.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure for 2 weeks prior to treatment. Although we can treat skin which is tan, we cannot treat sunburned skin.
  • If you have a history of herpes (cold sores) in the area to be treated, notify us so that you can be pre-treated to avoid an outbreak.

Post Treatment Expectations

  • A mild sunburn-like sensation is expected and usually lasts less than 1 hour (rarely up to 72 hrs).
  • Mild swelling usually resolves quickly as well. A non-steroidal such as ibuprofen or naproxen (Motrin, Aleve) or Tylenol can be used but is rarely needed. Feel free to apply cold gel packs as well if the area feels warm.
  • Bathe or shower as usual. Avoid aggressive scrubbing including loofah sponges. Appearance of hair growth/stubble may continue post-treatment, usually for no more than 2-3 weeks. This is not necessarily new hair growth. Treated hairs require time to be shed from the skin. At the 2 to 3 week point you should notice less regrowth in the region that was treated.
  • Follow up treatments are usually at 6 to 12 week intervals (varies according to the area being treated).
  • Age, ethnicity, weight, hormones, diet, prescription medication, and metabolism all affect how your hair grows and responds to laser hair removal.
  • Use sun block routinely. Shaving or depilatory creams (ex:Nair) are OK between sessions but remember do not pluck or wax the remaining hairs as this will interfere with effectiveness of future treatment sessions. Remember not to tweeze/pluck/wax/sugar, etc.


IPL devices are not true lasers. IPL devices produce a broad spectrum of wavelengths (like a light bulb) which cannot be focused into a concentrated beam. Because a range of different wavelengths are dispersed at a variety of depths, only some of these will be effective for hair reduction. A more shallow penetration in comparison to laser means that deeper, thicker hairs may not be treated effectively. In addition, some of the light can be absorbed into the surrounding skin as well, leading to heating of the pigment in the skin. This is why there is more of a risk of burns for a darker skin type when IPL is used.

Laser devices create more heat directed at the hair follicle than IPL systems, hence achieving better results. Because the heat is absorbed by the follicle, and not the skin, there is a decreased risk of burning when using Laser devices. This also makes Laser a safer option for darker skinned individuals

At Renew MediSpa, some of our estheticians do perform IPL hair removal for the face only, for skin types I through III (lighter skinned individuals). For all other skin types, and for larger body areas, we recommend true Laser for hair removal. 

Laser requires pigment in order to be effectively directed to the target hair follicle. Therefore, Laser will not be effective for white or light blond hair. 

Pricing (per session)

Popular Regions

Typical Pricing (per session)

Prices are subject to change periodically

Discounts may apply of multiple areas are being treated simultaneously

When you are ready to rid yourself of unwanted hair, Renew is here for you with the very latest in technology and comfort!

We have Laser Hair Removal appointments available Mondays through Fridays, including evening appointments, and on Saturdays

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary by person and are based upon patient variables (such as genetics, age and lifestyle), the severity of the condition before the procedure, the procedure(s) chosen, and compliance with any recommended aftercare program. No one can guarantee an exact outcome for any aesthetic procedure.

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