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Keeping Ahead of the Pack

Some of you reading this post have been with us “from the beginning”, some have only recently become aware of Renew MediSpa one way or another. Renew began way back in 2005, as a sideline to what was then a private Internal Medicine practice. In 2007 it became a “stand alone” business with its own space, and in the 10+ years since then it has grown to become the uncontested leader in the region for non-surgical aesthetics and sexual wellness procedures.

News Flash- that doesn’t “Just happen”.

There is no such thing in this field as “If you build it, they will come”.

Many times clients will ask me how it is that Renew MediSpa is always at the cutting edge…they are looking around for the sleeping bag I must be keeping onsite…and to some extent that is not untrue. The fact is that staying completely on top of the technology in this field is, in itself, a part time job. There is not a month that goes by that I am not researching developments in our field, conducting demonstrations on available equipment, reading articles, teaching other providers how to inject, upgrading equipment, paying for said upgrades, and/or traveling near and far to spend time with leaders in the aesthetics arena. There are many days when I wish I had a “Mini-Me” to help get through the tasks.

No doubt, it is a labor of love. I cannot imagine myself doing anything different. I deeply appreciate the impact we have on the lives of our clients. Our world at Renew is not, in general, Kylie Jenner wannabes looking for the biggest lips possible (nothing against Kylie, or big lips if that’s what you want, it’s just not our driving force). Our world is men and women looking to lead the best possible lives, looking and feeling energized, looking and functioning at the top of their game. We do also pride ourselves in education, and in staying on top of an ever growing field, and I know in my heart that our clients appreciate that dedication.

This month, the Hippo Magazine conducts its “Best of New Hampshire” survey.

Residents can vote, up until February 28th, for their favorites in over 100 categories. By visiting www.hippopress.com and clicking the link to the survey, you can cast your vote for your favorite service providers, activities, destinations, even comment on whether you love lots of snow or not and how you like to take your coffee.

[box title=””]VOTE NOW.[/box]

So what’s the big deal about that, you may ask?

The big deal is that, in small business, expression of opinion COUNTS.

This is particularly true in aesthetics and in sexual wellness, fields where not everyone who is having things done is comfortable about talking about it, for better or for worse, due to societal pressures and/or privacy concerns.

I work tirelessly to promote and advance the procedures and growth of Renew MediSpa. It is, quite frankly, my life’s work. It is the most rewarding role I have held in my brief life. I am fortunate to have a family and a staff who dream the big dream with me, who share my commitment to our friends and clients, and to them I am eternally grateful.

And so I will ask just one thing of those of you who have visited Renew MediSpa- Please participate in the Hippo Press Survey.

It requires no personal information, beyond your age range and sex. There is no need to enter a phone number or email address. Simply cast your honest votes for what you love about your New Hampshire environment, and your New Hampshire business vendors. This will assist those who may be newer to the region, or searching for something new, to make the best selection possible. It will help us grow. It will help us further expand our services to better serve you. It will recognize the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears so to speak that it takes to create the best of the best in the region.

Your opinion truly does count, and we appreciate your time.

To cast your votes, visit www.hippopress.com and click on the voting link near the top of the page. You will need to enter responses for 15 questions for your votes to count. Only one vote can be cast per device (computer, phone, tablet, etc…)

Kick back, have fun with it and know that your gesture is supporting the livelihood of local businesses in this, the Live Free or Die State of New Hampshire!

Lisa Vuich, MD