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Hand Rejuvenation at Renew MediSpa

Want to know a person’s real age? Just look at their hands!

One of the first places on our body that begins to show signs of aging is our hands. It should be no surprise, given the daily wear our hands take – from hand washing to sun exposure (even just resting on the steering wheel of your vehicle puts them in direct sunlight), to simply being in motion most of the day. Even if you already feel confident having rejuvenated your face and neck, your hands can give away your true age.

Age related changes of most concern in the hands are sun damage/brown spots, crepey skin, and volume loss which leads to more visibility of veins and tendons. These can easily be addressed with minimally invasive procedures at Renew MediSpa in Derry.


Laser resurfacing can restore lost collagen, improving tone and texture.

lighter- Lose the “Leopard spots”!

Unwanted pigment is easily removed with our Spectra Laser.

Softer Looking

Restore lost volume with dermal filler +/- PRP.

Safe and Painless

At Renew MediSpa we deliver dermal filler to the back of the hands using a microcannula. This is a delicate, blunt (not sharp) delivery device which attaches to the end of the dermal filler syringe and enables us to get the job done with little or no bruising and minimal swelling. The number of syringes required will depend on the degree of volume loss that is present, but it typically requires 1 to 3 syringes per side and a maintenance injection once a year to touch up the volume would be expected for most. For longer duration of correction, you may consider using Bellafill- a bio stimulatory filler with improvement lasting up to 5 years.

We also can combine dermal filler injection in this region with platelet rich plasma- utilizing the power of your own growth factors obtained from a simple blood draw specimen at the time of your appointment. This adds further collagen stimulation and potentially even longer lasting volume correction.

Platelet Rich Plasma preparation for injection at Renew MediSpa

Check out our brief video to see how a hyaluronic acid dermal filler is delivered to the back of the hands:


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Examples of Our Results


  • Avoid substances which can make you more prone to bruising, such as aspirin and ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory medication. Some nutritional supplements also increase bruising– including fish oil and vitamin E.
  • To reduce swelling you may wish to take a supplement such as arnica, or purchase topical arnica cream 
  • Leave your rings at home. Post procedure swelling can occur so it is best to leave your rings off for a week or so. 
  • We suggest relative rest of the hands- this would not be the time to do a bunch of heavy lifting or engaging in exercise that is hard on the hands as this may exacerbate swelling and soreness. Avoid soaking the hands in water for 24 hours (due to the small needle pokes required which need time to heal). 
  • Puffiness and mild soreness are typical. Bruising is possible but not common. Activity restrictions noted above are recommended for a week. You can feel free to ice your hands post procedure as this will not affect your results.
  • This will vary depending on the degree of volume loss and how much correction is achieved with the amount of filler delivered. Most clients choose full volume correction in a single visit but if you wish you could break it up into multiple sessions over time. 
  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is an excellent growth factor boost which could both increase the amount of correction you get from filler and potentially help those results last longer. However it is really entirely optional and many clients do dermal filler alone without the PRP.
  • There are several options for this. Most popular are the Hyaluronic Acid fillers such as RHA or Revanesse Versa. Some clients choose to use Radiesse which is a biostimulatory filler. Radiesse has the advantage of greater volume per syringe, however it also tends to cause more swelling post procedure than the other options. Bellafill is another biostimulatory filler option which can produce long lasting results but at a slighty higher price point.
  • Most often we use our Spectra Laser. However, lighter skinned clients could also potentially be treated with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).
  • Initially the spots will appear darker. It may take a couple of weeks for the pigment to shed/flake off. Treatment can be repeated at 3 to 4 weeks if additional clearing is needed.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary by person and are based upon patient variables (such as genetics, age and lifestyle), the severity of the condition before the procedure, the procedure(s) chosen, and compliance with any recommended aftercare program. No one can guarantee an exact outcome for any aesthetic procedure.  

The content of this website is intended to be general information- it should not be used to diagnose or treat a medical condition, and is in no way meant to be a substitute for seeking appropriate medical care