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7 Ways To Get The Perfect Soft Waves – Hairstyles & Haircuts for Men & Women

Every woman finds it annoying when they have to burn their fingers repeatedly to get the perfect curl waves only to get half-curled waves that would fall flat within half an hour. The author states that while he sympathizes with these women, he has another method that would work extremely well for them. Therefore, on these blog, he is recommending seven HSOP-tested techniques that have been approved for getting the perfect curl waves. The first is to use the curling wand technique. This is the most common way that is used by ladies to get curling waves. To do it perfectly, one must make sure that the barrel she is using is the right size of barrel. If the barrel is too small they will end up with tight, Shirley Temple curls, and if it is too big they will end up with waves that are flat and barely make it to be waves. Although there is no one-size fits all way to do it, one can use a 1 inch wand when she has short hair, a 1.25 inch wand if her hair is of medium length, and a 1.5 inch wand if her hair is long. When curling each strand, the direction of the curls should be alternated each time to help get the desired look.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many women find it annoying that in their bid to get the perfect hair waves they have to burn their fingers repeatedly only for the waves to fall flat.
  • One of the most common ways that ladies use to attempt to get a perfect wave is to use curling wands.
  • It is important that one uses the right size of barrel in a curling wand to get a good wave and not one that is too small or big.

“Get the perfect soft waves with one of these seven HSOP-tested and approved techniques.”

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