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12 Scientifically-Backed Hacks for Ending Migraines

When one feels a slight throb at the temple and believes that it will develop into a migraine, one begins to feel anxious and desperate. That would spoil the rest of that day and possibly into the evening. And this bad mood might continue for the rest of the week depending on how severe the migraine is and how long it will last. The author has had several migraines and has become somewhat of an expert on how to treat migraines because he has had migraines that went on and on as if they would never stop. But first, how do you detect a migraine or what characterizes migraines? Migraines and tension headaches have a lot in common, so one has to make sure it is really a migraine when a headache is throbbing. Some symptoms to look out for include pain on one side of the head or the face, the pain is throbbing in nature, it should be localized over the temple, the ear, or the eyes, and other symptoms accompany the pain. As for the causes of migraines, there is no consensus on that but it is said to be genetic in origin. The author then diverges on how one can eliminate migraines.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author believes that nothing produces so much anxiety as that moment when one has a throbbing at the temple and believes that it is a migraine coming.
  • Depending on the severity of the migraine and how long a migraine lasts with an individual, it might mean that the rest of the week is ruined.
  • It is best to familiarize oneself with migraines before going ahead to treat them because what people think are migraines might just be tension headaches.

“For a long time for me, I didn’t get migraines, I simply had a migraine which went on … and on … and on. So I am pretty much an expert now in how you can tackle them.”

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