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Intimate Wellness- Vaginal Rejuvenation

As women age and particularly after menopause, loss of estrogen and testosterone frequently leads to some degree of atrophy (thinning and loss of function) of the vaginal walls. This can also occur after chemotherapy for women who are treated for a malignancy. The signs and symptoms may include:

• Vaginal dryness and burning
• Vaginal discharge and recurrent vaginal infections
• Genital itching
• Burning with urination, urinary frequency and recurrent urinary infections
• Urinary urgency and/or incontinence
• Painful intercourse
• Vaginal bleeding with intercourse
• Decreased vaginal lubrication
• Shortening and tightening of the vaginal canal

The initial traditional medical treatment plan usually includes hormone replacement- oral and/or vaginal/topical. Most of the women we see at Renew MediSpa have tried this course of therapy and have not achieved satisfactory results/restoration of function.

At Renew MediSpa we have treated women with vaginal atrophy since 2015. In the course of a free consultation, we will review your symptoms, your goals, and past treatment interventions. Whether we recommend platelet rich plasma (PRP), energy based interventions such as ThermiVa or Viveve, or a combination of these will depend on your constellation of symptoms, their severity, your goals, and our many years of experience in this field. Even for women who are not currently sexually active, we feel that maintaining healthy function is a self-care goal of high importance, in order to avoid other complications such as recurrent infections, pain, and urinary dysfunction.

We are truly dedicated to restoring function for the remarkable women we treat every day, and look forward to helping you regain control over your intimate wellness. Below you will find some general information about procedures such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), ThermiVa, and Viveve. We also offer Femiwave/Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy. No web page can design a treatment plan to fit your specific needs, so please reach out to us for a consultation and let’s begin the journey together!

Female Sexual Rejuvenation & Wellness for Women – the power of Platelet Rich Plasma

Sex has become a centerpiece of modern culture. It is up for discussion everywhere- radio, TV, movies and even unexpected places like the office or in schools. But the one place sex has not been traditionally discussed is in the doctor’s office. This omission can keep you from achieving and maintaining an optimal sex life-for your whole life. This trend must change, especially now that we have effective treatment options available. 50% of women experience some degree of low libido and dysfunction. If your sex life- regardless of your age- has taken a nosedive, either because it is painful, unexciting due to lack of arousal, or you suffer from dryness or urinary dysfunction, there is a new simple treatment that can bring back desire and so much more!

Renew MediSpa is the premier provider of Intimate Wellness Services in New Hampshire. Dr. Vuich is a Key Opinion Leader for Viveve, a company which is passionate about women’s health and wellness. She is also the Chief Physician Liason for Bridging Biosciences- a group which is working to develop new technologies for quality control and outcomes measurements for cell therapies such as platelet-rich plasma Dr. Vuich has participated in the design of the Transcend Customized PRP protocol- first of its kind in the nation, this protocol ensures that the dose of growth factors (platelet rich plasma) delivered meets the highest standards in the industry. She is the Lead Clinical Investigator for a groundbreaking clinical research study on the effectiveness of platelet rich plasma in the field of sexual wellness procedures.

“I have been coming to Renew MediSpa since early 2015. The Renew staff are very accommodating and just a pleasure to be around. Dr. Vuich is professional, kind and approachable. In December 2015 I had the PRP Shot for Women procedure. It was fast and basically painless (I only felt some pressure). Dr. Vuich walked me through each step and Laura was by my side making sure I was comfortable.

Going through Menopause is difficult enough and the PRP Shot for Women procedure was a life changer for me. It has helped with dryness and arousal issues I experienced prior to the process. I’m now feeling like I used to – and it is great!

I recommend the PRP Shot for Women procedure for women like me who just want their normal life back!

Thank you Dr. Vuich!”


How is PRP used for Women’s Intimate Wellness?

Platelet Rich Plasma injection is a revolutionary nonsurgical procedure which uses the patient’s own platelet-derived growth factors to rejuvenate vaginal and clitoral tissue- improving blood flow, enhancing sensitivity and delivering potentially dramatic improvement in overall sexual function.

Dr. Vuich is one of a limited number of physicians specially trained to administer this revolutionary new treatment- using your own blood platelets to deliver growth factors that rejuvenate the tissue, improve blood flow and lubrication, enhance sensitivity, all leading to improvement in sexual function. It can also be an extremely effective treatment for urinary incontinence alone and in combination with our Viveve procedure.

How is the PRP injection performed ?

The procedure begins with a finger stick to determine your platelet count that day. Utilizing our specialized Transcend protocol, we are able to know in advance how much blood should be drawn in order to achieve the desired amount and dose of PRP to be delivered. After a simple blood draw, using a proprietary technique, platelets are separated and concentrated. After topical numbing, high dose PRP is injected into the target tissue. The process triggers the platelets to release many different growth factors, which then activate the stem cells located in the vaginal and clitoral tissues- telling them to regenerate, and thus become “younger” with improved functional potential.

What can the PRP injection do for you?

Many women report:

  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
  • Younger, smoother skin of the vulva (lips of the vagina)
  • A tighter introitus (vaginal opening)
  • Stronger orgasm
  • More frequent orgasm
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm
  • Decreased pain for those with dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
  • Increased natural lubrication
  • Decreased or resolved urinary incontinence (both urge and stress problems)

We've Got You Covered!

To date there have been NO reports of serious side effects from injecting platelet rich plasma with an FDA approved kit. Allergic reaction is not a concern as the substance injected comes from your own blood and is processed in a sterile system.
This is an office based procedure-approximately 45 minutes which includes time for blood draw/processing and numbing agent prep as well as the injection itself and aftercare instructions.
The areas in the anterior vagina and clitoris are pretreated with a very potent topical numbing cream. You may feel a pinching sensation, a pressure sensation, and possibly brief burning. Overall for most women it does not feel much different than having a PAP smear, but without the discomfort of a speculum which is not required for this procedure.
The full effect can take 3 to 4 weeks though many women start to experience improvement much sooner. A second shot may be necessary for women who don’t feel results after 8-12 weeks.
Most women experience adequate benefit from a single PRP Injection for 1 to 2 years. Occasionally a second procedure will be required if full resolution of symptoms is not achieved within 8 to 12 weeks. We recommend that it be done annually to maximize and maintain benefit.
The PRP procedure is a specific method of injecting PRP to rejuvenate the tissue of the vagina. Appropriate training and FDA approved lab kits to prepare the PRP are mandatory.

Introducing Pro-Nox!

Renew Medispa is excited to offer Pro-Nox, a nitrous oxide gas which you can use during your procedure, for reducing pain and inducing a pleasurable feeling.

Fast acting, safe, and short duration- It is the ideal clinical pain reliever and anti-anxiety measure, which can further enhance your comfort during procedures.

ThermiVa and Viveve combined with the PRP Injection for Women

What happens when you take TWO highly effective rejuvenation procedures and combine them? The result is often even more pronounced- We call this phenomenon synergy. Combining ThermiVa treatments or a Geneveve treatment with The PRP Injection for Women is a powerful tool to improve orgasms, help dyspareunia (painful sex), stop both urge & stress incontinence, relieve lichen sclerosus, increase libido, and improve sensation– for an improvement in sexual function, urinary function, and strengthening of relationships.

“These treatments improve women’s lives and relationships, and are among the most rewarding treatments we offer at Renew MediSpa. I cannot count the number of women who have said to me ‘Why didn’t my doctor tell me about this, I complained about these symptoms for years! I tried everything else they gave me and none of it worked.’ Even more sad is when I hear ‘I told them my symptoms but they didn’t address it. They didn’t seem to want to talk about it.’ There have been hugs and even tears of relief at follow up appointments. It doesn’t get any better than helping a woman feel whole again, confident and in control of her body finally after feeling fairly helpless and depressed. We work very hard to get the word out to women in our region that solutions are available. “


“After having a hysterectomy one year ago I noticed the development of low libido. I also had to wear a panty liner due to urine leakage at times. I was on your website and watched the video about the ‘PRP Shot for Women’ and decided to come in for a consultation. The combination of the ‘PRP Shot for Women’ and Thermiva was very easy. I actually was very relaxed. After the procedure I went shopping. All I can say is “wow” -I felt in increase in libido the very next day. I have not had to use lubricant before intercourse since the first treatment. I also do not wear pantyliners anymore. I just had my second Thermiva treatment and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Lisa is always staying up to date on the latest procedures to offer women. She and her staff are down to earth and you feel very relaxed. My husband is so happy I had the procedure.”

– MM, JULY 2016

At the time of a consultation, we can help you to determine whether ThermiVa or Geneveve would best suit your symptoms and goals. Both treatments utilize radiofrequency technology.

NEW: The Vampire Wing Lift

PRP Injection can also be helpful for women who have noticed some deflation and loss of volume in the labia majora. Hyaluronic acid dermal filler such as Restylane® Defyne along with platelet rich plasma are strategically injected into the area to give the labia a rejuvenated, full and plump appearance.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes and is painless. There is no down time and results can last a year or more.

This procedure can be combined with other PRP injection procedures or with any vaginal rejuvenation procedure such as ThermiVa or Geneveve, during the same visit.