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Buttock Enhancement

Non-Surgical Options for Buttock Augmentation

Build Muscle

With our award winning EMSCULPT®

Restore Lost Volume

Sculptra Aesthetic, Hyperdilute Radiesse, PRP

Smooth Crepey Skin

Multiple treatment options available

Reduce Cellulite

Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy and more

EMSCULPT®- the world’s first non-invasive butt lift procedure

This award winning device strengthens and defines muscles with no downtime

Using EMSCULPT® on the buttocks region is the equivalent of doing 20,000 squats in 30 mins, which is why the treatment has been so popular with celebrities and some elite athletes- with 350,000+ treatments annually across the globe.

The technology utilizes patented HIFEM® magnetic field energy. Tested in sixteen independent clinical studies, BTL EMSCULPT® delivered consistent results, with a 16% increase in muscle mass.

In 2019, BTL EMSCULPT® won the European Product Design Award 2019 Gold Prize winner for the BTL EMSCULPT® applicator, Best Non-Invasive Body Shaping Technology 2019 at Monte Carlo Aesthetics 2019, Anti-Aging & Beauty Trophy Winner, New Beauty 2019 Best Innovations Award, Harpers Bazaar 2019 Anti-Aging Awards for Best Body Firming treatment and realself ‘Most Worth It’ Award Patient Choice Award 2019. Additionally, at the My Face My Body Global Aesthetic Awards, which have been referred to as the ‘Oscars of the aesthetic industry’, EMSCULPT® won multiple awards including: New Treatment of the Year – Launched within 18 months, Body Reshaping Treatment of the Year, Best Minimally Invasive Device of the year and also Innovative Treatment of the Year.

Renew MediSpa EMSCULPT® result, treatment series with maintenance sessions

Sculptra Aesthetic

Restore lost volume by stimulating your body to make new collagen

A butt lift with Sculptra® can be an excellent way to add additional fullness and roundness to a butt that is naturally flat or has begun to droop and sag over time. This is an innovative, surgery-free method to augment the buttocks- the Sculptra® Butt Lift- and it is available at Renew MediSpa.  

This is a great option for those who would like more fullness in the buttocks but are not interested in the more invasive options involving fat transfer and/or surgical implants. 

The benefits of using Sculptra® for your Butt Lift include :

  • Gradual, natural looking results  
  • No significant pain during or after treatment sessions  
  • No downtime  
  • No surgical risk and no post procedure restrictions on activity 
  • Can improve the appearance of cellulite 
  • Can be combined with other modalities 

Sculptra® is an FDA-cleared injectable collagen stimulator which has been used for many years to restore facial volume loss. Made with poly-L-lactic acid, this product has been widely used around the world since 1999 and the treatment has been performed on hundreds of thousands of patients in over 30 countries.  

Over the course of several treatment sessions, Sculptra® is injected directly into the area requiring volume. Gradually, new collagen will form to re-inflate the collagen depleted areas. Results of Sculptra® can last over 2 years. Eventually, the Sculptra® particles are absorbed by your body, but the collagen you build is very long lasting. 

The area to be treated will be assessed with you in a standing position. Before photos of the area will be done, and the treatment zones marked. Lidocaine is added to the Sculptra®  to enhance comfort. Lidocaine is also placed at a couple of entry points for the delivery cannula. Using a microcannula and in some instances a small needle, Dr. Vuich will place the Sculptra® in the regions where more volume is desired. Some of the injection will be performed with you standing, some with you lying on your stomach. You may feel pressure and an occasional pinching sensation, but not pain in general. Areas where there is cellulite can also be addressed as needed. Once all of the product is placed, the area will be massaged for a few minutes.  

The volume seen initially is that of the sterile water the Sculptra® particles are suspended in for injection. This water will be reabsorbed by your body over the next 1 to 2 days. Each Sculptra® treatment can generally be completed in an hour or less.   

Desired results usually require two treatment sessions.   

Be patient! The results appear gradually but once there are quite long lasting (years).   


The use of Sculptra® for buttock enhancement is considered “off label”. The term “off label” is used when an FDA approved treatment or prescription is being used for a purpose and/or condition that has not been specifically evaluated by the FDA. 

Let us help you choose the best buttock rejuvenating procedure(s) based on your needs and goals

With several options available, we understand it can be difficult to figure out which procedure or combination of procedures might best suit you.

That is why we offer free customized consultations where we can make recommendations based on your particular needs, preferences and goals for correction. Which procedures are recommended will depend on several factors including most notably:

  • Your specific concerns- curve enhancement, volume loss, skin laxity/crepey skin, cellulite, skin darkening 
  • How quickly you want or need to see correction develop 
  • Your past experience with procedures in this region 

Overview of our Most Popular Buttock Procedures



Onset, Expectations and Duration of Effect



Muscle Building

Correction is immediate 

1 or 2 syringes may be required 

Most clients will repeat dermal filler 1 to 2 times per year

No Downtime 

30-minute session 


Pricing is provided at the time of consultation or another visit to the spa. We are not able to quote pricing by phone. 

Sculptra Aesthetic

Plumping and Smoothing 

Improvement of Cellulite 

Sculptra is an injectable collagen stimulating compound frequently used to replace lost soft tissue volume in the face. For many years aesthetic providers have also used it “off label”* to stimulate soft tissue collagen/volume in the buttocks region. 

Correction develops gradually over the course of 6 months. 

Most initial sessions require multiple vials (3 or more per side). 

Multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired result. 

Results are long lasting because you have formed new collagen, which can last for years.

Temporary swelling and bruising. 

No exercise restrictions. 

Approx. 45 minute procedure 

Should be massaged for the first 5 days. 


$1500/initial two vials 

+ Volume discount applied to any additional vials injected at the same visit.  

Consultation required to best estimate number of vials recommended. 

Repeat session at 3 or more months

Hyperdilute Radiesse

Plumping and Smoothing 

Improvement of Cellulite 

Radiesse is an injectable biostimulatory dermal filler most commonly used for the face and back of the hands. More recently it has been used “off label”* to promote new collagen formation in the region of the buttocks. 

Correction develops gradually over the course of 12 months as collagen forms in the region which has been treated.  

Results are long lasting because you have formed new collagen, which can last for years. 

It may take more than 1 session to achieve your desired result (depends on how much collagen loss you are starting with and your individual biologic response to the treatment, among other factors.) 

Temporary swelling and bruising 

No exercise restrictions 

Approx. 45 minute procedure 


$650 per syringe 

Consultation required to best estimate number of syringes recommended. 

Repeat session at 6 or more weeks 

PDO smoothing threads


Extremely thin dissolving threads (made of surgical suture material-PDO) are introduced under the dermis usually after the region has been numbed either topically or with lidocaine injection. They dissolve over time (about 3 months), but during that process you form new collagen in the regions where the threads are placed. 

Used more for smoothing than for volumization. Generally, placement is targeted to any sections of skin that appear “crepey”. 

Correction develops gradually as collagen forms in the region which has been treated. It may take 3 weeks to begin to appreciate the improvement. It may take 3 months to see the full effect of each treatment. 

Can be combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for added collagen stimulation/enhanced results. 

Results are long lasting because you have formed new collagen, which can last years. 

It may take more than 1 session to achieve your desired result (depending on how much collagen loss you are starting with and your individual biologic response to the treatment, among other factors.) 

Temporary swelling and bruising 

No exercise restrictions 

Approx. 30 minute procedure 


20 PDO smoothing threads/$240 


PRP Limited Area/$600 


Repeat sessions at 3 months until desired correction is achieved 

Can be combined with platelet rich plasma (PRP) if double stimulation is desired 


Shockwave for Cellulite

Cellulite Reduction 


Low Intensity shock wave therapy has been used for decades for a wide variety of regenerative benefits. 

In clinical studies of shockwave therapy for cellulite, improvement in cellulite appearance and skin texture have been noted, as well as potential reduction in circumference (such as thigh thickness when thighs are treated) 

No downtime; No exercise restrictions 

Convenient: Sessions are up to 30 minutes 

Treatment sessions are weekly for 8 weeks. Subsequent maintenance sessions as needed a few times a year would be typical. 



$189 per session

Radiofrequency Micro needling

Smoothing and Tightening 

Radiofrequency micro needling can be used on skin in any region of the body to restore lost collagen 


This treatment is for skin tightening and smoothing, it does not affect muscle or restore lost volume beneath the skin. 

Correction develops gradually over the course of 3 months as collagen forms in the region which has been treated.  

Results are long lasting because you have formed new collagen, which can last for years. 

Temporary swelling and bruising 

Brief exercise restrictions- until swelling has resolved. 

2.5 to 3 hr procedure (includes photos, prep and numbing) 


Large area body: Ex: Back of thighs +/- lower buttocks: $3600 

Venus Bliss

Smoothing and Tightening


This is a completely non-invasive treatment option (no numbing required, “no needles”) using radiofrequency energy to heat the target zone and stimulate smoothing and tightening  via new collagen stimulation. 

May reduce the appearance of cellulite 

A series of sessions is required (generally 8 to 12) and it can be performed weekly 

Subsequent maintenance sessions can help to maintain results 


$180 per session 

Profound RF being performed at Renew MediSpa on the back of the thighs, to smooth and tighten

Before & After Photos

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary by person and are based upon patient variables (such as genetics, age and lifestyle), the severity of the condition before the procedure, the procedure(s) chosen, and compliance with any recommended aftercare program. No one can guarantee an exact outcome for any aesthetic procedure. Many times best outcomes are achieved through a series of procedures and/or through combination therapy- the use of more than one procedure/technique to achieve the desired result over time. The content of this website is intended to be general information- it should not be used to diagnose or treat a medical condition, and is in no way meant to be a substitute for seeking appropriate medical care. R