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The Optimal AF™ (Anti-inFlammatory) Diet and Lifestyle Program

Work With Our Partner, Healing Is Change, To Clear Chronic Inflammation

Finally, a personalized, science-backed program to clear chronic inflammation and restore your body to health.

Test, Don’t Guess

Take the guesswork out of anti-inflammatory programs


A customized program based on your personal biochemistry

Support Provided

Private health coaching helps you achieve desired results!

Diet-induced chronic Inflammation is at the root of many health problems.

And It may be the reason you feel so poorly.

  • Do certain foods cause you to feel unwell?
  • Do you suffer from unexplained fatigue, lethargy and/or mental fogginess?
  • Do you feel bloated, gaseous, nauseated or distended after eating?
  • Do you experience unexplained diarrhea, rashes or headaches?
  • Have you tried various diets or cleanses with limited results?
  • Do you know you are chronically inflamed?
  • Have you considered other anti-inflammatory diets?
Food sensitivities are a leading cause of chronic inflammation.

The problem with most anti-inflammatory diets is that they are based on general theories of food science, not your personal biochemistry. Why does this matter? Simple: You, your microbiomes and your biochemistry are unique; and, foods that cause inflammation in one person do not cause it in another.

Trust science, not guesswork.

Finally, an approach to help you clear diet-induced inflammation from your body and life. “I will never again trust a diet that is not based on my personal biochemistry”

The Best Science Available

We base our whole program on the most effective food sensitivities testing available in the market

Specific to You

We then work with you to create a program specific to your goals, needs and lifestyle

Combined with Coaching

We support you throughout the program with different levels of accountability to ensure your success.

Diet-induced chronic Inflammation is at the root of many health problems.

We use the Mediator Release Test (MRT) as the foundation diagnostic tool in our anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle program. The MRT is the most scientifically reliable and advanced test for identifying inflammation-causing foods and food chemicals in your diet.

The MRT is a blood test. You can have your blood drawn at Renew Medispa for a small fee of $40. With the results of the essay, you and your coach will build a customized 6 month diet and lifestyle program designed to:

  • Cool off systemic inflammation
  • Interrupt habits and behaviors that no longer serve you
  • Tune your body to the effects of what you consume
  • Build a healthy diet to support your lifestyle
  • Give you choice and freedom in your diet
  • Regain control of your health

Our packages each come with six months of coaching, with two levels of support, to ensure your success. You coach is with you through each phase of the program.

Our typical program consists of a preparation week followed by four phases:

Preparation Week (1 week)

You will take this time to get into the right mindset and prepare your kitchen and body for the program

Phase 1: Elimination (4 weeks)

This is the most disciplined time of your program. It is essential that you are as close to 100% compliant as possible. Timing is important and finding a time in your life when you can cook (or have someone cook for you) and closely monitor what you eat is essential.

Phase 2: Introduction of ‘Low-Reactivity’ Foods (8 weeks)

Now that you have reduced inflammation in your body, you are much more in tune with how you feel when you eat certain foods. You expand quickly the number of low-reactivity foods in your diet, carefully monitoring each food along the way

Phase 3: Expansion and Exploration (8 weeks)

During this time you will self-test and expand the variety of foods in your diet, while still carefully monitoring how you feel. You will develop the skills to successfully discern foods that cause you inflammation and other problems from those that do not.

Phase 4: Living in Choice (post program)

As you leave the formal coaching program, you have developed the knowledge, skills and habits to maintain a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle; you are able to navigate dining out, special events and other circumstances; and you live in choice about what you consume, giving you greater mastery of your health and well-being.

The Plan

Start feeling better from chronic inflammation FAST!


Clarity Call

We want to make sure this program is the correct one for you. Speak briefly with a member of our team to make sure this will work for you.


Get your kit

The kit requires a blood draw, which can be done with a short visit to Dr. Lisa’s office.


Start your program

With the expert guidance of a Healing is Change Nutritional Coach


We offer two packages with varying levels of support to ensure your success. We also offer a “Kit Only” option, which does not require a clarity call.

Test Kit Only*


Foundation Package


Ideal for those who easily stick with diets and other lifestyle change programs


Accountability Package


Ideal for those who could use more accountability over the course of their program


Living with chronic inflammation is not easy: The unexplained fatigue, mental fogginess, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, aches and pains, and worse. And … It is so easy to clear inflammation from the body and reclaim health, vitality and energy. It really is as simple as what you consume directly impacts how your body, mind and emotions perform. With this program, we take the guesswork out of your program and help you build the resources to gain greater mastery of your health.


This program is provided by Healing is Change™ Health Coach Group, an external organization. We reserve the right to deny participation to anyone we feel would not be appropriate for this program. Individual results will vary by person and are based upon patient variables (including but not limited to lifestyle choices, compliance with dietary and exercise recommendations, and the presence of other medical diagnoses), the amount of excess weight, and compliance with any recommended maintenance program. No one can guarantee an exact outcome for any patient. The content of this website is intended to be general information- it should not be used to diagnose or treat a medical condition, and is in no way meant to be a substitute for seeking appropriate medical care.